Why should your student choose apprenticeship?
In today’s highly competitive world, all of our students need world-class skills. Apprenticeship is one way to get those skills.

What is an apprenticeship?
An apprenticeship provides an opportunity for a high school graduate to earn money while learning a highly skilled trade from a master craftsman. After approximately 4 years of on-the-job training and classroom work, the apprentice is certified as a journey-level craftsperson in his or her field and is awarded credentials that are valid nationwide.

Apprenticeships have been used to train skilled workers for hundreds of years. Today, there are apprenticeships in nearly every field, from advanced manufacturing and public safety to health care and construction. Apprenticeships provide a rigorous level of training and are ideal for specialized trades because of their combination of job experience and classroom training. In some cases, an apprenticeship provides an Associate’s Degree, in addition to workplace credentials, allowing the apprentice to move on to higher levels of education and training.

Apprenticeship programs are a combination of on the job education and training with classroom instruction that provide individuals with an effective way of entering a career in the skilled workforce. Apprentices earn a living wage throughout the education process, with periodic raises to reflect increased experience and commitment. Once the apprenticeship is completed, workers receive full journeylevel wages and possess a trade certification that is recognized internationally
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Recourse DescriptionWebsite
Recourse DescriptionWebsite
Career Bridge Apprenticeship Program List List of apprenticeship programs from around the Washington State Website 
Apprenticeship Washington Recourse for students to learn more about apprenticeships. Website 
State Apprenticeship Information The official home for apprenticeships in the State of Washington. This site is developed by the Department of Labor and Industries, the governing body for apprenticeship programs in Washington State. Website 
Carpenters Apprenticeship Infromation from the Carpenter-Employers Apprenticeship & Training Trust Apprnticeship Program. This includes Carpenters, Millwrights, Piledrivers, Interior Systems Carpenters Website 
Sheetmetal & HVAC  Information about the Sheetmetal Workers Apprenciship program. This includes the HVAC industry Website 
Ironworkers Apprenticeship Information from the Northwest Iron Workers Apprenticeship Program Website 
Construction Laborers  Information from the Construction Laborers Apprenticeship Program Website 
Operating Engineers Apprenticeship Information about the Heavy Equipment Operators Apprenticeship Website 
Electricians Apprenticeship Inforamtion about the NW Washington Electrical Apprenticeship Program Website 
Finish Trades Apprenticeship Information about eh finish trades apprenticeship programs. This includes drywall, flooring, glaziers, and painting Website 
Sprinkler Fitters Information on the Sprinkler Fitters apprenticeship Website 
Plumbers & Steam Fitters Information from the Plumbers, Steam Fitters, and Pipe Trades Apprenticeship Program Website 
Insulators Apprenticeship Information about the Insulators Apprenticeship Program Website 
WA Building Trades Information about the various Washington Building Trades Apprenticeship Programs Website 
Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Program Information from AJAC about apprenticeships in aerospace and manufacturing. Website 
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