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Personalized Pathway

What is a Personalized Pathway?

During their 8th grade year, students will begin to develop goals for what they would like to do after high school.  Based on a career interest inventory, students select from one of the 16 Career Clusters to determine an area of focus and map their Personalized Pathway to achieve this goal. 

How is the Personalized Pathway determined?


·  Goals for the student after high school

·  Based on interest survey

·  Developed by the student in collaboration with parents/ guardians and school staff

·  Revisited annually


·  Plan for attaining post-secondary career & education goals

·  Draft during advisory lessons

·  Revisited annually

·  Created in collaboration between student, parent/ guardian, and school staff



·  3 credits of coursework

·  Based on HSBP to help student achieve Post-Secondary Career & Education Goals



·  Performed annually

·  Based on credit requirements, HSBP, & personalized pathway


What is the Personalized Pathway Requirement for Graduation?

Three locally determined courses identified in a student's high school and beyond plan that are deemed necessary to attain the post-secondary career or educational goals chosen by the student based on the student’s interest and High school and Beyond Plan.  While the State Board of Education recommends these credits include 2 years of a World Language (ASL, German, or Spanish) and a second Fine Arts Credit, these courses are not required and may be substituted with three courses that more closely relate to the student’s post-high school goal. 

Can a student change their Personalized Pathway during their high school career?

Yes! The student’s Personalized Pathway Requirements need to align with the student’s career and education goals, but the student’s goals may change during high school. If a student changes his or her mind about their career and education goals, his/her next choice for a Personalized Pathway Requirement should align with his/her new goals based on his/her High School and Beyond Plan. The student does not need to start over with a new sequence of three courses. The purpose of the Personalized Pathway Requirement is for the student to have intentionality in their high school course choices.