What is CTE

CTE provides the kind of education
teens can use the rest of their lives 



 What are you learning?    

Why are you learning it?

How will you use it? 


     By experiencing one of the many courses within CTE, students can embark on a career journey that works for them, one that will be financially, academically and personally rewarding.
    Given the long history and evolution of CTE (formerly called occupational or vocational education), many might assume the purpose of CTE is still to prepare young people who are "non-college bound" for direct entry into the workplace. Today's careers demand greater skills than ever before.  American economics and our workforce rely on a well-trained and educated employee.  Stanwood-Camano School District's CTE programs are designed to prepare students for future jobs or for advanced placement in colleges, trade schools or other training institutions after high school.  

    Students participate in CTE programs for a variety of reasons.  In the Stanwood-Camano School District the Career & Technical Education program

  • supports students in the acquisition of rigorous core knowledge, skills, habits and attitudes needed for success in post-secondary education and the high-skilled workplace;

  • engages students in specific career-related learning experiences that equip them to make well-informed decisions about further education and training and employment opportunities; and

  • prepares students who choose to enter the workforce directly after high school with levels of skill and knowledge in a particular career area that will be valued in the marketplace.

   The CTE Staff believes that all coursework, with clearly articulated standards and expectations, assists students in building the mix of skills, aptitudes and attitudes they will need for success after high school.

     In CTE we set the stage for our students' future successes by focusing on the new three R's  --  rigor, relevance, and relationships. The CTE programs meets the demand for greater work force skills by relying on the knowledge and skills of professionals from career fields to provide direction of students to learn, to do, and to produce.  Our instructors come from a successful career in their industry and/or college background and maintain close ties with their business/industry to keep pace with technical advancements and methods.  From their own experience and continuous contact with industry and business, instructors know what students need for successful employment and further training.

 Career and Technical Education Director : Kevin Plambeck